F. Michael Taylor & Christopher A. Cosper Obtain Defense Verdict in Trucking Negligence Tort Case

Hull Barrett, PC is pleased to announce attorneys, F. Michael Taylor and Christopher A. Cosper, recently obtained a defendant’s verdict in a trucking negligence tort case.

On Saint Patrick’s Day in March 2003, eight separate accidents on I-20 occurred in between mile markers 180 and 181 East. Involved in the accidents were several box trucks, eighteen wheelers and cars. The plaintiff alleged four trucking companies and their drivers were negligent in causing his collision.

More specifically, the plaintiff argued that due to the bad weather Hull Barrett’s client, Cowan Systems and its driver, owed a duty of extraordinary care, rather than ordinary care. The plaintiff further alleged that Cowan’s driver was traveling too fast during the rainy conditions and that his negligence, along with that of another tractor trailer driver, caused Plaintiff to swerve from the road in his Mazda Miata and collide with a tractor trailer on the shoulder of the road. The plaintiff claimed a third trucker was liable due to an accident shutting down the highway and the tractor trailer on the shoulder was liable for not placing proper warning devices out to warn on-coming traffic. Counsel for plaintiff asked for $15 million in his closing argument.

At the end of the 5th trial day in Columbia County Superior Court, the jury, using a special verdict form, ruled that the defendants’ negligence was not the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s accident and subsequent severe injuries. The jury produced a favorable defense verdict for all four defendants.