Employers: Do you Have a Bring Your Own Device Policy?

I-Phones and IPads are all the buzz. The rising use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology means that more and more employees are performing work from their own electronic devices. Some companies are even implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) to work option to help increase employee job satisfaction, flexibility, productivity, and to reduce technology cost. However, it also can raise concerns for employers regarding wage and hour law, employee privacy, and data security and confidentiality. While in the past most employees were just accessing e-mail via their blackberries, today with the bandwidth and the ability of PDAs, people are able to work remotely and access files from their own devises in lieu of the company-provided PDA or laptop. Employers should recognize the risk with BYOD to work and protect themselves by crafting a Bring Your Own Device to Work (BYOD) policy. For help crafting a BYOD policy contact one of our Labor & Employment Attorneys.