3 Days Left: The Importance of Golden Harvest Food Bank

Hull Barrett partnered with First Citizens Bank and Ivey Residential to raise 45,000 pounds of food and funds during Legal Food Frenzy benefiting Golden Harvest Food Bank.  With the fundraiser ending in only 3 days (May 1st), we have received tremendous response from the community.  We are 68% to our goal!

In response to our outreach, the firm was asked why Golden Harvest Food Bank is important.  Dedication to the community is part of Hull Barrett’s mission.  The lawyers at Hull Barrett have also responded about the local non-profit battling hunger and community outreach in general:

Lanier“Food banks are among the most efficient non-profit entities in the country. According to GuideStar, the median program ratio for food banks is 94%. Golden Harvest Food Bank’s program ratio is even better – 96%.  Supporting Golden Harvest is a smart choice, and a good use of charitable dollars.” N. Shannon Gentry Lanier
Hudson-D“’Those of us who are blessed not to ever worry if we will have enough to eat, and are in a position to help those who are not so fortunate, should take great joy in giving to the Legal Food Frenzy.’  For us people of faith, whether in this way or some other, we are commanded to do for those who are in need.” David Hudson
Hall“We are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth. No child here should be hungry.” George Hall
Smith2“Golden Harvest Food Bank is a tremendous way to support those families in need throughout the year.”  Mary Runkle Smith
Lang-Cropped-Reduced“When I asked my daughter, a teacher, about how hunger affects children’s performance, she said, ‘everyone knows what it feels like to be hungry.  All you think about at the time is being hungry.  You sit and watch the clock until lunch.  If you aren’t thinking about the hunger itself, you are thinking about how embarrassing it will be if your stomach growls loud enough for anyone to know that you are hungry.  If your basic needs aren’t met, how in the world would you be able to learn anything?’” Susan R. Lang, Director of Administration
Driver3“It’s important for everyone to remember that we are part of a larger community of people and families that can use our help.” Chris Driver
Robertson“The Georgia Legal Food Frenzy is a tremendous opportunity for the Augusta legal community to show its appreciation and support of the CSRA.  Through this program, each legal entity that provides aid to those who are hungry can take pride in being a catalyst to the ultimate goal of ending hunger in the CSRA.  This  event furnishes a forum  where friendly competition is encouraged and, unlike court room litigation, everyone who participates is a winner.” George Robertson
Keogh“I have been proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the Golden Harvest Food Bank for several years now.  Golden Harvest, and its partner organizations, have been instrumental in addressing the needs of those in our community who are struggling.  Golden Harvest distributed over 17 million pounds of food in the CSRA last fiscal year, and is poised to distribute even more this year.  Giving back to those in need is an important responsibility we all have, and dedicated organizations such as Golden Harvest really make a difference.” Bill Keogh