Manufacturers and Distributors


Hull Barrett’s attorneys represent a diverse array of industrial manufacturers and distributors. We assist manufacturers and distributors who face a wide variety legal challenges, including issues of corporate governance and taxation, contract formation and review, environmental and regulatory compliance, and commercial real estate. Hull Barrett’s lawyers are also prepared to represent the interests of manufacturers and distributors in litigation of all types.

Importance of Manufacturers and Distributors Industry Law

The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer, representing a fifth of the global manufacturing output. Almost 20 percent of the American workforce is employed in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing contributes trillions of dollars to the country’s gross domestic product. Many manufacturers rely on a network of distributors to bring their goods to market. The contractual and regulatory framework that governs the manufacturer-distributor relationship can become quite complex.

We represent manufacturers and distributors in all aspects of corporate and transactional law, including commercial real estate transactions, corporate restructuring, taxation, and management.  Significant sums can be at stake when manufacturers find themselves involved in litigation. Hull Barrett attorneys are experienced defending products liability claims against manufacturers and resolving contractual disputes between manufacturers and their distributors. No product can be manufactured without human input, which means that issues involving labor and employment disputes are inherent in the manufacturing sector. Industrial accidents lead to workers’ compensation claims, and by design, workers’ compensation law favors the employee over the employer. When manufacturers and distributors have litigation needs in these areas, our lawyers are prepared to provide the highest quality advocacy.