Non-Profit Organizations


The firm provides comprehensive legal services for non-profit organizations throughout the greater Central Savannah River Area.  Our firm assists nonprofit clients in every aspect of their operations, from formation and compliance to board advisory and fundraising guidelines. The firm believes that nonprofit organizations require the same level of quality legal representation as for-profit businesses. By providing our nonprofit clients with skilled legal service, we help charitable organizations uphold their philanthropic missions, maintain legal compliance and continue to thrive.

We advise nonprofit entities on all aspects of their formation and operation, including:

  • Not-for-profit formation (501(c) organization)
  • Filing for tax exempt status (Form 1023)
  • Filing annual tax returns (Form 990)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Drafting of bylaws and resolutions
  • Public-private partnerships and other joint ventures
  • Advising not-for-profit board members

Importance of Non-Profit Organizations Industry Law

Non-profit organizations play an important role in our community and support of nonprofits is integral to our philosophy at Hull Barrett. For over 60 years, our law firm has assisted local nonprofits by providing legal services and other support. Often, clients ask whether a charity or organization obtain tax-exempt status without incorporating? The short answer is generally yes, but nonprofit incorporation shields officers and directors from personal liability for actions of the organization. In addition, Georgia nonprofit law limits the liability of nonprofit corporations for punitive damages, whereas unincorporated associations have no similar protection.

Representations and Achievements

We are active members of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, and the Aiken County Chamber of Commerce. Our attorneys have assisted numerous individuals and small organizations with legal issues related to nonprofit organizations and are involved in academic and sports coaching, development initiatives, churches, and many other not-for-profit activities. In addition, our firm has:

  • Assisted numerous groups in applying for and securing tax exempt status with respect to federal income taxes.
  • Provided compliance support with respect to private inurement (excess compensation) laws regarding personal gain by officers, directors or others with special relationships to the nonprofit organization.
  • Advised as to the extent to which a nonprofit can be involved in political activity, including campaign contributions and advocacy.
  • Provided counsel as to conflicts of interest for board members or staff.
  • Advised on state and federal disclosure requirements concerning fundraising activities.
  • Advised on liability insurance for directors and officers.
  • Provided counsel related to starting a private foundation and other community support activities.