Probate Administration


Dealing with the death of a family member is one of the most emotionally draining and mentally challenging life events people face. Navigating the complexities of the court system at the same time can be overwhelming.

Importance of Probate Administration

We lift the burden of the legal details from your shoulders during this time. We routinely represent clients in the probate and estate administration process throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Such representation includes the following:

Probate of a Will — The court will ensure that the will is valid and then appoint someone to execute the instructions in the Will. Typically, this includes recording and distributing the decedent’s assets.

Probate without a Will — If someone dies “intestate” or without a Will, the Executor of the Estate must follow the relevant state’s succession laws and distribute any assets to the closest surviving family members.

Guardianships and Conservatorships — If a Guardianship or Conservatorship is needed for a minor child or disabled adult, we can ensure it is set up correctly.

Trust Administration — The Designated Trustee is responsible for taking care of the assets in the trust on behalf of the named Beneficiaries.

Probate Litigation — If a Will contest occurs or another type of dispute arises, we can diligently litigate on your behalf.