Probate Disputes


The attorneys in the probate practice group have significant experience at both initiating and defending disputes and claims in Probate Courts in both Georgia and South Carolina. These include will contests, creditor claims, interpretations of Wills and Trust Agreements, and disputes among heirs or beneficiaries of estates. Probate disputes may arise for many reasons, including:

  • Dissatisfaction with estate plan
  • Contrasting views of fair distribution
  • Differing opinions between beneficiaries a fiduciary
  • Approaches of conservatorship and guardianship

Importance of Probate Disputes Law

This area of the law can frequently be an emotionally charged environment as beneficiaries seek to resolve disputes with other family members, step-parents, or estate creditors. Each matter has its own unique characteristics but there is usually a great deal of counseling and negotiation involved in resolving the interests of the clients. The ultimate goal of the Hull Barrett Estate Planning attorneys is to keep the clients informed about the process and the potential remedies, advise on a course of dispute resolution, manage legal expenses, all while understanding that probate disputes are wrought with emotional distress and grief.