Residential Real Estate


The firm’s residential real estate practice has been greatly expanded by the additions of our Evans, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina offices. Due to the ever growing expansion of the CSRA, the firm now offers convenient locations for residential closing services with offices in Richmond, Columbia and Aiken Counties. This practice focuses on clients in every facet of real estate including individual buyers and sellers, builders, lenders, commercial and residential developers, landlords, tenants, title insurance companies, governments, brokers, investors, and property managers. We are ready to provide counsel at every stage of a project, from the purchase of a home, to financing, navigating zoning and land use issues, addressing due diligence and environmental issues, liability management and avoidance, and preparation of contracts, leases, notes, deeds, easements, covenants, and other real estate documentation. In addition to our transactional practice, our attorneys also handle a broad range of real estate related litigation, including construction, condemnation/eminent domain, environmental cases, foreclosures and loan workouts.

Importance of Residential Real Estate

Unlike some states, Georgia and South Carolina, state law dictates that a residential closing must be conducted by a licensed attorney. Real estate lawyers are often referred to as dirt lawyers. A real estate attorney practices in various areas of the federal and state law associated with the land, the tangible aspects that are on the land – agriculture, contamination, minerals, structures – and the intangible aspects – zoning, access, interests, and air space. Our residential lawyers, practicing in both Georgia and South Carolina, have the ability to draft contracts properly with limited financial risk, to ensure correct property rights are granted and to make sure that all parties are in compliance with the ever changing federal and state regulations.


Hull Barrett represents clients in a multitude of residential real estate matters, including:

  • Home purchases and sales
  • Residential financing
  • Condo purchases and sales
  • Residential leasing
  • Land acquisition
  • Development projects
  • Quiet Title actions
  • Title issues
  • Foreclosures
  • 1031 Tax Free Exchanges