Wage and Hour Laws


Hull Barrett’s wage and hour practice focuses on helping employers comply with the law and defending employers who have been sued by current or former employees. Hull Barrett attorneys are experienced in assisting employers with compliance issues; ensuring that employees are properly classified as exempt or nonexempt; evaluating overtime payment methods such as the fluctuating workweek; and drafting policies designed to comply with state and federal law. Our attorneys are also experienced at litigating cases involving wage and hour claims and developing defense strategies suited to the particular facts and circumstances of each case.

Importance of Wage and Hour Law

Most wage and hour issues involve the federal requirement that nonexempt employees be paid time and half whenever they work more than forty hours in a week. This principle is established in the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Although the FLSA is simple in theory, it is often inadvertently violated by employers. The question of whether a particular employee might be exempt from the FLSA’s overtime requirements can be particularly vexing, and the federal regulations that govern this issue are numerous and complicated. At the same time, the penalties to an employer who fails to properly comply with the FLSA are severe. An employee who is misclassified and not properly paid overtime may file a lawsuit and recover double the amount of unpaid wages for a period of up to three years. Employees who successfully sue also generally recover their attorney’s fees. For these reasons it is essential that employers audit their wage and hour practices to make sure they are in compliance with the dictates of the FLSA. Likewise, employers who have sued for alleged violations of wage and hour laws require skilled and knowledgeable representation.

Representation and Achievements

Hull Barrett attorneys have experience assisting a wide array of clients in their efforts to comply with the overtime provisions of the FLSA. The firm has also handled numerous lawsuits brought against employers under the law.