Workers Compensation


Hull Barrett’s workers’ compensation practice focuses on representing employers and their insurers before the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation. Hull Barrett attorneys are experienced litigating all stages of workers’ compensation claims – from the initial pre-hearing discovery to proceedings before the Appellate Division and (when necessary) beyond. Our attorneys are experienced at evaluating workers’ compensation claims and developing defense strategies suited to the particular facts and circumstances of each case.

Importance of Workers Compensation Law

By design, workers compensation law favors the employee over the employer. It is thus crucial for employers to be well-represented when faced with workers’ compensation claims. The cost of a workers’ compensation claim can be considerable for the employer. In addition to the direct costs associated with paying the claim, employers face increased premiums and lost productivity. Medical experts must be retained and independent medical examinations should be considered. Employers must decide when to litigate and when to cut their losses. A robust defense, tailored to meet the employer’s needs in an efficient and effective manner, is imperative.

Representation and Achievements

Hull Barrett attorneys have experience representing a wide array of clients in workers’ compensation matters, from small non-profit organizations to large manufacturers. The firm has handled claims arising from injuries as diverse as concussion, spondylosis, and hernia. The firm has handled cases arising from exposure to toxic chemicals and death claims. We have tried cases simple and complex before the State Board of Workers Compensation, and are skilled at defending our successes at the appellate level.